Importance of Oil Change for Cars

EngineAn engine is a combination of moving parts, which are exposed to damages as a result of friction. To avoid this, they need to be properly lubricated using the appropriate oil. If it stays for long, it breaks down and can get mixed with dirt that comes from the engine and the debris from the roads forcing you to take your car to places such as Middle River Tow Truck. This reduces its efficiency and consequently affects the strength of the engine adversely. Therefore, the oil should regularly be changed after a specified period that is indicated on your car manual. The following are five reasons why this act is essential.


It maintains the lubrication of the engine

Ideally, every moving part functions at high speeds to ensure that the car is operating without problems. In the process, they collide with each other and can cause heating due to the friction. Because of the collisions, the chances are high that the parts will significantly wear down and damage the engine. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce these adverse effects by ensuring that the oil in your engine is frequently changed. It is worth noting that there are several types of engine oil, and you must always consult the owner’s manual to understand the grade and weight of engine oil that is specified for your car.

Removes debris, dust, and engine wear particles

Dirt, debris, and engine wear particles are dangerous to engines. The wear particles are created when the moving parts collide at high speeds. When they accumulate, there is a high likelihood that they will lead to corrosion, which in turn reduces the life of the engine significantly. If the situation is not corrected, the overused oil readily turns into a sludge, which can no longer run the engine. To avoid this problem, the oil engine must be changed regularly and filtered to remove the particles.


Improves the mileage of the gas

MileageTypically, you can improve the gas mileage up to 2 percent if you always change your engine oil. The fuel consumption highly depends on the efficiency of the engine. The less it is, the more your car will consume the fuel. When the moving parts are functioning smoothly without much friction, it means that the engine is operating without difficulties. Therefore, it will require less gas.


Increase the life of the vehicle

Every car needs to be maintained well to stay conditioned for an extended period. Among the maintenance activities is frequent oil changing. If the dust particles continue to build up, they overwork the engine which attempts to overcome their presence. Consequently, the car ends up enduring a shorter lifespan than it would have been with regular changing of oil.


Cools the components of the engine

After the increased friction caused by the moving parts, simple science tells you that a lot of heat will be generated. This causes overheating of the engine, which in turn leads to reduced efficiency and effectiveness in its functioning. Therefore, the best method to avoid the problem is through frequent replacement of the oil.

So, it is crucial to ensure that you change the oil in your engine after the period specified by the owner’s manual to boost its functioning.