How to Break Bad Habits

Bad habits are all those habits that interrupt your life and prevent you from accomplishing your goals. These habits jeopardize your health both physically and mentally leading to wasted time and energy. A couple of years ago, was struggling to make enough savings to open a business similar to Charleston towing service but I was finding it hard because I used to blow finances. I know many people experience financial setbacks that prevent them from starting businesses of their choice. All these are bad habits that must be addressed head-on.

Habits become hard to break because they become deeply wired into our brains. When you add pleasure to them, they become as addictive as drugs. There is usually a clear trigger that starts a bad habit. To break bad habits, the first step is to identify the triggers and break these triggers that lead to bad habits. Sometimes, the triggers can be emotional while others are situational and environmental.

Identify and break the triggers

You might be looking forward to stopping drinking while you stash different bottles of beer in your fridge. Whenever you see a fridge, beers emotionally fire up your brain. In this case, the fridge becomes a trigger. If you can identify your triggers, you will have a way of pushing back and not setting yourself on autopilot. Work on dealing with the triggers and break their patterns. If you have a habit of getting into junk foods whenever you are stressed, work on avoiding all instances that may make you get stressed.

Develop a substitute plan

Breaking bad habits is not all about stopping, but substituting. You need to come up with a plan for managing the habit you want to break. If you have a habit of eating past 10 o’clock whenever you get downstairs, then keep yourself off from going downstairs and instead choose something else to be doing to at that time.

Join forces with others

It can be quite difficult to try to diet or quit smoking in “private”. One of the easiest ways or getting closer to breaking a bad habit is through paring with someone with similar experiences, goals, and aspirations and work together. Pair up with someone and quit together. Let the two of you hold each other accountable and celebrate all victories together as well. Knowing that someone has a certain expectation in you becomes a great motivator.

Visualize your success

You need to surround yourself with people who love the way you want to live. You should not necessarily ditch your friends, but never underestimate the power of finding new ones. You need to visualize your success and see yourself living the end life you are trying to accomplish. Whatever bad habit you want to break, see yourself crushing it and smiling out of the joy of satisfaction that comes from your success. You don’t need to be someone else, you old need to eliminate the present self and replace it with what you want to be.