A Simple Guide to Video Marketing

Brands especially those dealing with roof repair and other related services need a video marketing strategy if they want to remain relevant and ahead of their competitors. Video has dominated all spheres of social platforms. It is central to your outreach and campaign efforts. If you are not creating a video for your business, you are falling behind.

Video marketing involves the use of videos to promote and market your products or services. It also helps to increase engagements on your digital and social channels, educate your customers and consumers and reach your audience with ease. Video continues to become more useful each day and is more than just for entertainment purposes.

Here are some types of videos you need to know.

Demo videos are good for showcasing how a product works. You can take a video for your viewers to see how a product works, unboxing it, or just putting a physical product to test. Another type of video you can take is brand video. Brand videos are created as part of a larger advertising campaign, to showcase the vision, mission as well as products and services of a company.

Event videos are created when your business is hosting a conference, doing a round table discussion, a fundraiser, or any other type of event. On the other hand, expert videos capture interviews with experts and thought industry leaders and present a great way to build trust and authority with your target audience.

We also have educational and how-to videos. These videos can be used to teach the audience something new, or build the fundamental knowledge customers will need in efforts to better understand a business and the solutions such a business offers. Explainer videos are types of videos used to help the audience better understand why they need your products or services.

When planning to make videos for your business, you must have an elaborate plan. You will need to plan your video by first having a conversation about the purpose of your video. Every decision made during the video creation process should always point back to the purpose of your video. There will be a lot of players when making a video. You must ensure all these players and processes are well aligned.

The next important thing concerns the script of your video. There are times and places your video will be cut off. If you skip this step, you will find yourself editing more than you need to. Start by writing your script the way you would do when it comes to writing blog posts. Do all drafting necessary just like you would to write a blog post, write an outline, list key points, and order them logically.

You will also need to ensure your footage is well organized. If your video formats are incredibly large, you will need to store them in an external space to avoid taking too much space on your memory. You can host your video on different platforms such YouTube, Vimeo, Vidyard among other platforms. Your videos will be published on different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn among others.