Charlotte Mabrey

Welcome to my quirky collection of fun internet things.

Charlotte enjoys loading gear, stale quik-mart sandwiches, and feeling the wind in her hair. She kayaks, snorkels, scoops dog poop, and tries to keep track of her schedule on little scraps of paper. Charlotte loves Klondike bars, a really good joke, reading on the porch, doing a little laundry, turning the handcrank siren on Sunday mornings, running through “Turkey in the Straw” on the xylophone “one more time” and trying to figure out how to rehearse 20th Century music. Charlotte does not enjoy traffic, but will suffer gladly, if it will get her to Waffle House. Charlotte is only allergic to cat barf and wearing flowers in her hair.

Check their site and you’ll find contact info for making a custom order. The other option is Etsy but if you don’t want a bunch of hassle just call these guys.